Welcome to the House of Twin Flames. 

Our goal is to deliver premium designs made by hand at radically fair prices. We started House Of Twin Flames to disrupt the overpriced lighting fixtures in the trending market. Our passion is creating high-quality original lighting accents and exclusive home furnishings for those with discerning taste. Intertwining industrial materials like concrete, resin, wood, metal, and transforming these materials in unexpected and dynamic ways- sometimes incorporating vintage or found objects, we elevate each signature creation into a confluence of luminosity and texture. Each piece engages its observer to interact with conductive touch points in order to ignite, and responds to touch by growing brighter, reminding us of the body’s own elemental electricity. The Twin Flame represents these two energies merging in perfect balance to become a new and powerful force. The scale of our products ensures that every piece will be unique and slightly different, giving you a distinctive object of functional art you will surely treasure for years to come.