Raised by a globe trotting, adventure-seeking mom, Nelly Morera was exposed to different cultures and textiles at an early age. This love of fashion and culture led to her start in retail by the early 2000’s. While working for a furniture store which imported products from countries all over the world, she became both a sales and interior design consultant.  Since then, her career spans two decades in the fashion industry, where she was entrusted by Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, Shinola - some of the most recognizable luxury brands in the world - as a liaison for major accounts throughout the Western coast of the U.S. and internationally.

With a degree in Fine Arts from UC Santa Cruz, Jason Adams focused on traditional drawing, painting and mixed-media sculptures. Through his work experience in various professional studios, from set-building to toy-making, he has accumulated a trove of valuable art-making techniques and applied this knowledge to multiple creative projects. His professional resume includes numerous voiceover, stage and songwriting credits, and music has always been closely connected to his visual art endeavors. Letting the materials direct the process, while allowing room for spontaneity and surprise, the diversity of his artistic practice informs his unique approach to product design.


Through trial and error and pure experimentation, we launched House Of Twin Flames after streamlining our vision into a polished first collection. The combination of forces being Nelly’s enterprising ability and Jason’s versatile artistry, as a partnership we are driven by our shared interest in quality goods, travel, and historical eras of fashion and architecture. We are not defined by one particular style, but draw upon these bygone eras and exotic locations for endless inspiration. The Twin Flame represents two energies combining in perfect balance to become a new and powerful creative force. Everything that comes out of our House consists of this...